The Golden Eagle Benefit Pageant

Dear Community/Volunteer (THIS IS TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE)
I am currently working on my gold award!I made this group so that people in the community know the progress of my project as what as what i am doing for my project.I am in change of building a meeting/shelter and seating place for The Mount Zaor church located in Snellville, GA. Their prayer garden has no seating or very many plants. I will be working with a team of people to build a gazebo so that church attendees have a quiet place for reflection and prayer. Beautification of area ; which includes plants around the gazebo. I got my project approved 7/23/11 by the Girl Scout Gold interview Committee. My project must be completed by 12/31/11. For my project I really want to get the community involved. I will need volunteers so if anyone is looking for volunteer hours or anything of that sort let me know; and i can tell you what you will be doing. Also if you would like to donate anything to the building/ process of my project please contact me at . Thank you so much for your time.
Stephanie Gargiulo
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September 18, 2011 Post Under Girl Scouts - Read More

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