The CBA Foundation works with The remembering Zachary- Stuck on Stickers

Do you have stickers that you are not going to use? I am collecting them to bring to the children at Scotish Rite Children Hospital! Believe it or not I have witnessed that the children at the hospital love playing with stickers ! ALL stickers are wanted!!! If anyone knew Zach they would know that he loved stickers. In remembering Zach’s we are collecting stickers .

We are going in February but we are collecting now… we want to take a huge amount of stickers to the hospital. I am praying that we can take a huge Rubbermaid container full. They are such a low energy item that children can do as the
y heal. Bringing cheer and joy to their rooms as they healing.

Stickers can be bought at Wal-Mart, target, the dollar store just to name a few. Anyone can donate… you can donate one sheet or you can donate a bunch of them.

You can donate any type of stickers… rolls, glow in the dark, fuzzy, glittery, letters, numbers, characters, animals, flowers, trains, sports, princess, little ones, big ones, 3d ones.

if you would like to go ahead and mail me them you can send them to P.O.BOX Decatur GA 30033 or You can mail them to 3805 Canton Place APT# 1312 Kennesaw GA, 30144 .! Thank you for all of your support!

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