proclamation captial cityStephanie Gargiulo, a native from Snellville, Georgia is honored and humbled that her proclamation request for Governor John Nathan declaring the month of October as Bullying Prevention month has been approved. During the month of October, the C.B.A Foundation, I have Capabilities NOT Disabilities and other organizations will join together to raise awareness about this issue. Bullying can negatively impact a student’s access to education and lead to a decrease in academic achievement. It has been proven that students with disabilities are more often targeted for bullying than other students. Bullying of anyone can lead to physical and mental health problems such as headaches, low self-esteem and anxiety.

Participate in Unity DAY by wearing orange on October 22nd. For more information about other events, please visit www.thecbafoundation.com website or the I have Capabilities NOT Disabilities Facebook page. Together, let’s make a difference. Be a part of this movement.

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