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Remembering Zachery Set for July 2, 2014

Remembering Zachery Sets a delivery date for the hospital. This has been a year of change when it has come to delivering things to the hospital. There has been several things… 1. we are dealing with a new contact for the hospital 2. Infection control has been tightened 3. We also have been contacted by several that will have to ship items or are doing fund raisers for Remembering Zachary and will not be done till the end of June. So in typing this I am trying to firming up a date…. we are going to try to go July 2, 2014. This is Zachary’s Birthday and what better way to celebrate his life than to go and to share the joy that we have been collecting. I am currently waiting to see if it is agreeable with the hospital. Because of this delay/extension I wanted to open it up that if you wanted to donate items, send money, whatever it was, then PLEASE take this as your second chance this year. We are still in need of: -Infant toys -stickers -games -Barbies -Hotwheels -card games -art supplies -Legos -Journals We also are in need of: -individually wrapped snacks -Granola Bars -Chips -muffins -nuts -gummies/fruit snacks -little candies -little snack cakes -Drink mixes These are just some ideas, we are open to other ideas and donations~

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