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The C.B.A. Foundation helping out Adairsville Tornado Vicitms–Collection till February 11th

  If you would like to donate and/or volunteer to help the community of Adairsville get back on their feet. They are still in  need of  items.
  If  you can DONATE  anything to help our neighbors.    What to donate:
  NO ClOTHES THIS TIME , Shelf-stable food that can be used to make hot meals, meals in a can, new toiletries, cleaning supplies,  cots, cold-weather gear, trashbags, cell phone calling cards, new pillows, new blankets, flashlights, ba…tteries,     tarps, duct tape, diapers,  pedialite, baby formula, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, hand sanitizer, gas cards, home depot and lowes gift cards, masks for clean up work,
 heavy duty construction gloves, adult diapers, new underwear, rubber gloves, bottled water,  snacks for clean-up crews, and new socks.  Send me an e-mail if your interested in helping:
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