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Miss Golden Eagle Benefit Pageant Held To Benefit Girl Scout Stephanie Gargiulo’s Gold award Project

The Golden Eagle Benefit Pageant was held recently at Zoar United Methodist Church.  This pageant was held to benefit Girl Scout, Stephanie Gargiulo’s Gold Award project.

Stephanie Gargiulo, Sarah Cherney and Kate Coble are three Girl Scouts from Troop 1610 that selected to renovate the Prayer Garden at Zoar United Methodist Church as their Girl Scout Gold Award projects. Each Scout selected a section to complete for their individual project.  Sarah Cherney is working on renovating the stepping stones which are in the formation of a cross. These stones are hand-made and individualized based on orders.  Kate Coble renovated the prayer stations and the path along the stations.  Stephanie Gargiulo’s project consisted of erecting a gazebo, with benches and plants surrounding the Gazebo. These girls have been supported by their Leader Elizabeth Cherney and Assistant Leader Tracey Coble.

Part of the Girl Scout Gold Award project is to raise money to pay for their project. Stephanie held the Benefit pageant to help fund her project.  Girls, both scouts and non-scouts competed for the coveted titles while Girl Scout leaders competed for the Outstanding Leader title.  Guest judges were Miss  Chelsey Helgeland,  Miss Georgia World Tourism,  Ms. Sandra Asbell native from Monroe, Georgia who works closely with Pageant of Georgia and Mr. Isaac King, Mr. Barbizon 2011, actor and model.

The winners are as follows:

Miss Tag-A-Long- Isabelle Norm

Miss Daisy-Kalin Moultrie

Miss  Brownie- Taylor Norman

Miss Junior- Soraya Bagheri

Miss Senior-Amber Etheridge

Miss Ambassador-Megan Berounsky

Miss Golden Eagle—April Moultrie

Outstanding Leader-Laura Greene

Stephanie Gargiulo brought the community together with this project.  She demonstrated the 3 C’s Girl Scout is all about: Courage to carry out such an event, Confidence that she could complete this event and Character for meeting all the challenges associated with hosting an event  such as this.

Girl Scouts, an exceptional organization celebrating their 100 Year anniversary this year has over 2.3 million scouts.  Only 5.4% of these Girls Scouts receive their Gold Award.  Completing their Gold Award project is a tremendous accomplishment that each of these girls has  achieved.

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