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Wow, my rein as USA’s  National Teen 2010 has gone by fast. This year has been truly and awesome experience. Mrs. Jackie , I thank you so much for all of the great opportunities you have shared with me throughout my year! It has been an awesome experience helping promote such a great pageant system! You have supported me through so many things and I just want to give a big thank you for that! Mrs. Patti Simmons Thank you for your coaching, your support, your encouragement and your tears of dreams. Thank you for everything, you helped me achieve and helping me become who I am. Thanks to my family and friends for their and help in guiding me through this exciting year. Mom, you do so much for me and you never stop! I couldn’t do half of the things I do without you! You are always there when I need you and couldn’t imagine having a better mom. Dad, thanks for everything you do for me . You always make the Pageant trips memorable haha!  Michael my brother that’s a UGA 2nd year Cheerleader! Go DAWGS!  Thank you for always being there and helping me and guiding me though this year and every year! You always give me the confidence and help I need! I couldn’t of done any of this without ya’ll! Ya’ll have stood beside me through everything and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

My year as USA’S National Teen 2010 is coming to an end which is very bitter sweet! Before I say my final farewell I would like to thank all my entire National sister queens! To my big sis Alex, you have always been there for me and I couldn’t thank you enough! Your support through everything has meant so much! Thank you for being a great big sis! To Alexis, though I didn’t get to see you too much the laughter’s we shared at the photo shoot and in the café I will never forget! Never change! To little Miss Ava, you are such a sweet little girl always wanting to lend a hand! You are so outgoing and you never get old! To my sweetheart Kelsey, you are just about the cutest little tap dancer I have ever seen! You always look adorable in everything. Never stop being the sweetheart that you are! To Macie, your volunteerism is amazing! Keep up all the good work; it will take you far! … Well, I hope we all keep in touch. Ya’ll are forever and always my National sister queens. I love you all and I have loved being a national queen for The USA’s National Miss Pageant system! Good luck to all the contestants and remember to always be yourself. Like my motto for my foundation The CBA Foundation , I conceived my dream, believed in my dream and achieved my dream! Now, it’s time for someone else! Well, I guess it’s time to really say good bye, so for the last time, I am Stephanie Nicole Gargiulo, your USA’S National Teen 2010!

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Congratulations to all the 2011 USA National Miss Queens

The USA National Miss Pageant system held its first national pageant June 23.  Congratulations to all of the new queens.  I have enjoyed being so much a part of this organization this past year.  It has truly been an awesome year and I have met so many new friends.  It is always bittersweet to give up the my title, but congratulations to Miss Morgan Wheeler, the new USA National Teen Queen.

Congratulations to all:

USA National Miss, Sarah Gross (TN)
USA National Teen, Morgan Wheeler (SC)
USA National Jr. Teen, Jamie Walloch (GA)
USA National Preteen, Emily Honng (CA)
USA National Princess, Kamryn Vernon (OK)
USA National Jr. Princess, Kalin Moultrie (GA)

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July 7, 2011 Posted Under: The C.B.A. Benefit Pageant   Read More