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A Tribute to Zach Moody

Last year, the first CBA Benefit Pageant was to benefit a young boy (Zach) with MITO! He was very photogenic that day of the pageant. He was taking photos with family,friends and new friends! After the pageant was over we proudly raised $4,000 ! He then was able to buy a medical bed. My baby cousin Zach went on to be with Jesus June 14th 2011 at age 3. To know that the CBA Foundation helped fight through his journey is just about the best feeling ever. Though we could not save him from our actions we let Zach and his family know he had people that cared.For those of you that may not be familiar with The CBA Foundation; The C stands conceive, the B stands for believe and the A stands for Achieve.The CBA Foundation CONCEIVED a goal; to not only raise money but to show Zach  he always had people thinking of him as well as praying for him and wanting to help him. The CBA Foundation BELIEVED Zach was a strong young boy that taught many adults and teens lessons that no one else could. God worked through him. Zach ACHIEVED many things through his short , blessed life. He showed that you can’t just give up no matter what’s stopping you. He always had a smile on no matter what he was going through. His story will always be a story to remember.Zach Moody was truly a fighter and and inspiration to us all.  He showed us how to make the best out of  every situation.  He often took sour lemons and made lemonade.  He taught us how to love and live life to the fullest.  Thank you to all of you that took this journey with us and supported him.  He will truly be missed but we know that he is with Jesus–a great place to be!

We hope to have the same effect on whoever  we may benefit through the C.B.A Foundation… every hand helps. The CBA Foundation wants your help, wants your hand and wants your heart to reach others. The CBA Foundation is a foundation of leaders , we are a team and everyone and anyone can be apart of it.

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